Chinese herbal medicine can be used for many different diseases and conditions, including pain management, allergies, and immune system problems. It has also proven to be useful with skin, digestive, and respiratory problems. These methods work in a complementary fashion with the approaches traditionally used in the United States. Our practices enable us to offer a combination of treatments that best meet your pet’s medical requirements.

Briar Patch Veterinary Hospital is the only full-service, small animal veterinary hospital offering certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in Tompkins County. Cases managed with herbal medicine at Briar Patch are under the supervision of Ingrid Rhinehart, DVM, CVA who received her certification at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

The products we recommend are specifically made for pets. We stock the highest quality of Chinese herbal products in our pharmacy.

If you have any questions about how Chinese herbal medicine can help your pet, don’t hesitate to call us at (607) 272-2828 or click here to request an appointment.